About us


Welcome to Tap My Business, where we're revolutionizing the way you connect with your audience and build your brand. Our mission is to empower businesses and professionals of all sizes with innovative NFC (Near Field Communication) solutions that streamline your operations and elevate your online presence.

At Tap My Business, we're passionate about helping you succeed in a digital world. We offer a range of cutting-edge products designed to supercharge your business, including:

1. Tap My Google: Instant Reviews Made Easy

In today's competitive landscape, reviews matter more than ever. With Tap My Google, we provide business owners with a simple yet powerful tool to collect instant reviews from your customers. Our NFC cards and stickers are the secret to effortlessly boosting your online reputation. Watch your business shine as positive reviews pour in, driving trust and growth.

2. Tap My Business Card: Digital Networking, Redefined

Say goodbye to the traditional business card. Enter Tap My Business Card, the NFC digital business card that opens doors to endless possibilities. Whether you're a professional, entrepreneur, or creative, our customizable card profiles allow you to make a lasting impression. Share contact details, showcase your portfolio, and connect like never before. Your network is your net worth, and with Tap My Business Card, it's never been easier to expand it.

3. Tap My Social: Connect, Engage, Succeed

In a world driven by social media, Tap My Social is your ticket to boosting your online presence. Our NFC cards and stickers enable seamless interaction with your audience. Boost your social media following, encourage engagement, and watch your brand flourish. It's time to take control of your online narrative and connect with your audience on a whole new level.

Everybody Needs It™

Our tagline, "Everybody Needs It™," is more than just a catchphrase—it's a reflection of our belief that our solutions are universally valuable. In an increasingly digital and connected world, these NFC products offer benefits that extend to everyone, regardless of industry or profession. Here's why:

-Simplicity: Our NFC products simplify processes, making it easier for businesses and professionals to achieve their goals.

-Accessibility: With customizable options, Tap My Business products can be tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals and industries.

-Growth: Whether you're a startup, a seasoned entrepreneur, or a creative professional, our solutions are designed to drive growth, enhance your online presence, and increase customer trust.

-Connectivity: In an age of digital networking and social media, our NFC technology enables seamless connections and engagement with your audience.

Join the Tap My Business community today and embrace the future of connectivity and success. Whether you're looking to collect reviews effortlessly, network digitally, or supercharge your social media presence, we've got you covered. It's time to tap into your potential with Tap My Business.

Ready to elevate your business? Let's start tapping into success together!